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Your computer hard disk space is low, or you think you need a new hard disk. Then you can now make your computer hard disk by 1 terabyte through a virtual hard disk, which will give you disk partition, file management privileges, such as hard disk attached to your computer. There you will be able to use the folder, keep any important file / document.

Connectix Corporation first created this virtual hard disk as Virtual PC Product, known as Microsoft Virtual PC. You know how to create this free 1 terabyte virtual hard disk? Follow me.

-> Right click on the mouse on your computer’s My Computer and click on the Manage options and open Computer Management.

-> Then select Disk Management and open it.

-> Then click Create VHD from the Action menu and open. A box named Create & Attach Virtual Hard Disk will open.

-> Then select browse from the Create & Attach Virtual Hard Disk box and go to any drive other than the one you have Windows and save 1tb or 1 terabyte.

-> Then select TB from the drop down menu in the virtual hard disk size cell and type 1.

-> Then select the Virtual Hard Disk type option dynamically Expanding and click OK.

-> After you open Disk Management you will see a new 1024 GB hard disk named Disk 1. General Chat Chat Lounge

-> Right-click the mouse on Disk 1 and click on Disk to initialize.

-> A box called Initialize Disk will appear, from there select the MBR (Master Boot Record) option and click OK.

-> Then click on the right mouse button on the 1024.00GB Unallocated box next to Disk 1 and select New Simple volume.

-> New simple volume wizard box will appear, click Next.

-> Assign Drive or Path box appears, click Next.

-> Format partition box appears, type volume level “New Volume” where you want to enter the name of your hard disk, and click Next.

-> Next comes the Completing the new simple volume wizard box, click Finish.

-> Now after 1 minute new hard disk will be formatting. Then you will see that clicking this pc / My computer will show your new hard disk size, 0.99TB Size

-> Computer Shut Down After opening this hard disk, open the drive you saved the Virtual hard disk first and you will find 1tb or 1 terabyte named drive.


Virtual hard disk only windows 7, windows 8, windows 10 version, those who use, only they can use. On the new hard disk you can use it just like any other drive. Hope you understand. If you have any problems, please comment. Thank You!


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