Some people inside us sometimes forget the password of their required account, including our mobile phone, email or computer. Suppose there are several files on the C drive of the computer, when the computer turned on the password and saw that you forgot the password. Despite many attempts and can not remember the password. What to do. If you re-install Windows, you will lose all the necessary files on the C drive.


Let’s see how you can easily reset Windows 10/8/7 password.

This is very easy to do if you have a bootable disk like PCUnlocker. This tutorial will show you how to create a PCUnlocker live CD and reset your forgotten Windows 10/8/7 password from the CD.

PCUnlocker can be downloaded here.

Making Bootable PCUnlocker CD

First you need to download PCUnlocker so that you can access your computer with another computer. Next, extract the zip file to a folder on your hard disk. Open the Extract folder in Windows Explorer, here you will find an ISO file called PCUnlocker that will burn on your Pendrive or CD.

I will use ISO2Disc to boot a bootable CD or ISO from an ISO file. Open with a blank CD or Pendrive ISO2Disc. Now navigate to the ISO file. Click Start Burn to burn to CD / DVD or to Pendrive.

It will become a bootable PCUnlocker CD or Pendrive within minutes.


Boot your PC from CD

If you have a bootable PCUnlocker CD or Pendrive, you can recover it easily even if you forget your computer password.

Restart the computer first. Then, press a system defined key (such as F12, ESC, DEL, F2) to access the BIOS. Go to the BOOT menu and select CD / DVD as the first boot.

After changing boot priority, save the BIOS settings and restart your PC. Boot it into the PCUnlocker CD now.

PCUnlocker can be downloaded here.


Reset Forgotten Windows Password

When you boot the CD, you will find Windows operating systems installed on your hard drive in PC Unlocker. Select one of your computer’s user accounts and click the Reset Password button.

Now open a password change dialog, ask you to enter a new password or leave it blank to remove the password. If you select a local account associated with a Microsoft account, you will receive an alert message, the program will convert your Microsoft account to a local user.

Clicking on the Ok button will change your Windows password. Restart your computer and make any changes you made to the BIOS again. Then you can log in to Windows with a new password!

There are three versions of PCUnlocker, Standard, Pro and Enterprise. If you want to reset a forgotten Windows password on a computer running UEFI Secure Boot, you need to use PCUnlocker Enterprise.

Using the PCUnlocker is easy enough for experienced users, as well as for the first time user. If you have a habit of forgetting your password, I suggest you create a bootable PCUnlocker CD that you can use in case of an emergency.


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