A malware or a malicious program has spread to some apps on the Google Play Store. If these apps are installed on your Android phone, they may end up accidentally losing money without stealing personal information. Researchers at cyber security firm CSIS say there are 24 such apps. They have found a malicious malware called ‘Joker’ in these apps in the Google Play Store. The malware has already affected to about 1 million devices.


Researchers say that the Joker silently communicates with various advertising websites and receives SMS, contact list and various information from the device from mobile.

Joker’s malware is spread through apps infected in 5 countries around the world. In many countries in Asia, as well as in some countries in the European Union, there are Joker malware infected devices.


  • Know the names of applications:

1..Beach Camera 1.2
2. Mini camera 5.1.2
3.Certen wallpaper 1.32
4. RedWorld Cleanup 3.0.1
5. Edge face 4.1.2
6. Alter Message 4.1
7. Subi Camera 4.1.1
8. Declare Message 5.12
9. Display camera 5.12
10. Rapid Face Scanner 1.12
11. Leaf Face Scanner 4.1.1
12. Broad Picture Editing 3.2.2
13. Cute Camera 4.1
14. Dazzle wallpaper 1.3. 2
15. Spark wallpaper 1.3 2
16. Climate SMS 1.1
17. Great VPN 2.0
18. Humor camera 4.1.1
19. Print plan scan 4.1
20. Advocate wallpapers 4.1.1
21. Rudy SMS Mode 3.0
22. Ignite Clean 4.1
23. Antivirus Security-Security Scan, App Lock 3.1.2
24. Colat Face Scanner 5.1.2


Now know what the malware is?

Malware is an abbreviation of English malicious software. It is the only software used to disrupt the normal functioning of a computer or mobile, to collect confidential information, to illegally access a protected computer network system or to display unwanted advertisements. In 1990 Yisrael Radai introduced the term malware. Previously, this national software was called a computer virus. The first tier of malware to spread is the software part of parasitic software that integrates itself with an executable file. This part may be a machine code that can infect any machine applications, utilities, system programs, or even any code necessary to start the machine. Malware is defined by its harmful purpose. They work against the interests of the computer user. If a software involuntarily causes a computer problem due to its inability, then it is not called malware.


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