In this age of technological advancement, there are many messaging applications that customers can choose from. Messaging applications are used for chat purposes. These applications make it easy to communicate with instant messaging and voice calls. Messaging apps can be installed on any smartphone operating system regardless. Use it on all operating systems, including Windows, Android, and iOS. Currently, applications are easy to download and chat directly on the smartphone. Different messaging applications have different features.


Some common features of apps:

• Voice and video calls
• Available for free
• Instant messaging can be delivered
• Photo Sharing


1. Messenger

This application can be downloaded for free from your own operating store (Play Store). Currently, it has over one billion users. Messenger is a Facebook product. This app, also known as Facebook Messenger. Facebook users can interact in real time with this app. This app supports all operating systems. Although the function is the same, the interface of Veda is different in the operating system.


2. WhatsApp Messenger

Like Facebook Messenger, one billion users use WhatsApp. It is the second largest messaging application worldwide. Following the acquisition of Facebook, the messaging application user has grown. It has gained more users due to its service, security and enhanced features. This app does not have any ads at all. It’s free and easy to download.


3. WeChat

WeChat is basically a Chinese application. It is widely used by Chinese people. There are also features of various social messaging applications as well as some extras that will impress you. With your smartphone secured or hooked up, you’ll find a new friend nearby. Alternatively, one can also find new friends using GPS functions. The application is free, and the number of subscribers is increasing day by day.


4. Line

With 200 million active users, Line is a free application that helps users make free calls and send messages. It is a popular app in Asian countries. The messaging application has numerous and extraordinary features such as line groups, video calls and voice calls, line stickers and line timelines. Which will fascinate you.

One of the great features of these apps is that users can play games. However, users have to register before playing the game.


5. Viber

Viber is a social chat application. It is similar to other chat applications. Viber users can make voice calls, send messages and share pictures with their friends. In 2003 there were 174 million Viber users worldwide. The number of users has increased more than ever. This application can be downloaded and used at no cost.


6. Blackberry Messenger (BBM)No Longer Available from MAY 2019

BBM brings together friends and family to communicate in the same app. Here you will find features like photo sharing, voice calls and voice notes. Which will give you a different taste from any of the other apps. The app can be downloaded for free on Android, iPhone and Blackberry. In the past only BlackBerry users could use this messaging app.

BMM has a special reputation for protecting users’ privacy. There are special features to protect privacy. For example, a user can retrieve pictures and messages after sending them. It has a timer by which a visitor can set how long the pictures and messages sent by him will be visible. Then it will be automatically deleted.


7. IMO

The IMO app has come a long way. Currently, the application offers users instant messaging as well as free video and voice calling. This app is not as popular without Asia.


8. Skype

Skype is the world’s favorite video calling application. This app is more used for professional purposes. There is no alternative to fast, messaging, voice calls, video calls and file transfers. Skype is a free application. It can be downloaded on your mobile or PC very easily.


9. Snapchat

The Snapchat app has quickly become popular with everyone, especially at the top of their list of favorites. Some of its unique features have made it even more popular.


10. KIK

This is a popular messaging application. This is different from other messaging applications. Users do not have to rely on the phone number for communication. Here is the user name of the user, here. A group chat can have up to 50 people in one group at the same time.


These are all well known chatting apps of 2019. Free & easy to use all of them. Thanks for read this article. I’ve provided all of their download link above of that list. Have a good day!


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