In today’s post we will discuss “What is Android Device Root: What are the advantages and disadvantages of rooting?” And what are the advantages and disadvantages of a Rooted Android phone. Why you use a rooted phone and why or why not.


What is Android Root :

  • Android Root is a process by which the customer can fully control his phone.
  • You can use the device at your own risk if you root your device. Rooting means a special one for the customer. It controls all the same kind of programs on the phone. It controls the phone’s total windows.

What to do after rooting:

  • You can install your favorite modes, kernel, custom ROMs. If you want you can install the latest version of Lollipop on Android (as you can use Android Pi 1.0 on your phone).

Root facilities:

  • You can unlock CPU and GPU for better performance of your phone. Rooting lets you update the phone of your choice using any type of app.
  • You can keep the CPU unlocked for the battery life of your phone. For this you can backup your phone, restart or restart the Beach applications separately.

All in all, this will allow you to install and use whatever you want.

Differences in Rooting from Jailbreak:

  • Many people think that Rooting and Jailbreak are the same thing. But in true jailbreak and rooting are two different things. There are two types of concepts.
  • Jailbreak actually applies to Apple. In this model Jailbreak can modify the operating system (Information by “Locked bootloader”).
  • This allows the customer to use unauthorized applications. Some of these features are available in some models of Android. For example, Sony, Asus and Google Android of this type model have this feature.
  • Another feature of these models is that the Android of this model can unlock and transfer their devices.


Learn what Android Routing is, its advantages and disadvantages!

What to do after root: Do it after rooting:

  • Make a backup of your phone’s current ROM. The easiest way to back up is to install a custom recovery. Such as TWRP recovery, Orange Fox recovery etc.
  • In short, recovery is a boot mode of the phone from which you can format the entire partition of your phone or backup your phone’s entire operating system or ROM,


  • You can update any phone on the memory card with its .zip file.


What are the benefits of rooting? What Causes Rooting Usage:

  1. Finding hidden features: You can unlock your phone’s malicious apps if you wish.
  2. Wi-Fi Hacking With Android Device: This Is Really True. You can hack your Wi-Fi network device with your Android. You can even disconnect any user who is connected to that network if you want. “Wi-Fi” is an application for hacking networks.
  3. Overlock your mobile processor: You can increase the speed of your mobile processor. But it is too risky for the processor. So enough information should be collected before that.
  4. Block Aids from Android Apps: Many of our phones have a lot of unwanted AIDS. Which causes some customers to become very annoyed. The root application will release you from all these annoyances.
  5. If you root with AIDS block, you will get rid of this unwanted hassle. The rating requirements are huge in this regard.
  6. Increase your device’s RAM: Routing reduces your device’s data density by increasing its space. Routing allows you to get this feature on your Android.
  7. Different types of ROMs, moods, kernels: You can install different types of ROMs kernel and moods if you wish. However, this can only be done when the rooting device is installed.
  8. Android is a great app for mobile devices and is destined for everyone.
  9. Underlock CPU for battery boost life: You can keep your CPU unlocked for more durable battery life.
  10. If you have an official ROM on your phone, such as Xiaomi’s MIUI, One Plus’s Oxygen Os, you can use any custom ROM on your phone after the roote, just like you can use Xiaomi User’s Pixel ROM if you want. , But you can easily enjoy Pixel by installing the Pixel Experience Rom from MIUI if you root, as I did for myself.


Disadvantages of rooting:

  1. Briking: Routing is a dreaded word. If it is installed you will not be able to use any major software on your phone. If you use it for any business purpose, you will not benefit from it. Even if it is clear to the authorities, you may have to pay a fine. There is no benefit to any major business or business.
  2. What happens if you rote a mobile: Your phone’s warranty will expire as soon as you use it because you will no longer be able to show it to the authorities. Even if you turn off this rooting and send the phone to the warranty, it will not work. Because, once the root is installed, its device is no longer the same. So with the use of it you have to forget about the warranty.
  3. Security Risk: Using rooting will put your phone behind security risk. Because with the rooting installed, your default settings will be changed. So its security will not be the same.
  4. This will cause your phone to be worn in a securityless manner. And depending on your phone, you can have many major problems that you may not even imagine.

So we should make clear ideas about what happens if we do the mobile root. Because, otherwise, ignorance can lead to many big problems. What you can’t even imagine. But for personal use, the benefits are huge. Which no other app can give you.

Many times we forget about small things and big accidents happen. Again we do not know much time due to not getting ideas about many updated apps, we are in the analog world.

Therefore, it is important to have a clear idea about how to root the mobile. It is discussed in detail here. Share this discussion to raise awareness. Thanks for being with us.


Note: For those of us who use Android phones, our phone has three types of ROMs:

1. Stock ROM

2. Custom ROM To update your phone, your phone must be rooted. Or your phone’s bootloader must be unlocked, which is the boot loader lock on the official phone at all times.

  • See details about custom ROMs here: Custom ROM by xda dev

3. CyanogenMod

I hope you get a rough idea of ​​the root from my post, if anyone has any questions, can comment here or ask your questions at the tacitus desk. Our exporters will help you as much as possible. …


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