E-learning is a learning method based on electronic resources such as laptops, internet, DVDs, CD-ROMs. With this system, a teacher can teach many students in the classroom or outside the classroom. It is a very modern method of education. It creates interest for teachers and students. It is a kind of revolution in education.


Currently, students can get a learning platform called e-learning using devices like smartphones, tablet laptops and desktops. Internet is a repository of knowledge. Students can use the Internet to learn wherever and whenever they need it. It is as important as traditional education. It plays an important role as a teacher assistant. E-learning is a demand for current learning. E-learning is an important part of education.


Benefits of e-learning:

Today’s students are relevant, willing to learn, willing to update themselves. They need an online platform for learning. Through the e-learning platform, students can learn something to their own needs. There are many benefits of e-learning for students.


Firstly: E-learning is perfect for anyone. It has brought about a tremendous change in education. This is for an online course taker – who can take office person or housewife or student or professional according to their availability and time. This is for online course taker learning where course takers can learn daily, in the evening, or on the weekends. Basically it depends on the recipient.

A lecture is not for one time: a course taker can watch a lecture many times – which helps him to understand specific subjects very successfully and prepare for the exam.

  • Updated Content: In eLearning, content creators create updated content for students. It enables students to access updated content. A course taker can share this content with his or her friends for evaluation, and thus the content creator can receive comments or review for new content and he / she is about to create updated content.
  • Fast Delivery: This is the process of delivering fast education. E-learning saves 20% – 5% of the time in the traditional education system, where much time is required.


  • Subject Specific: In e-learning, a lesson depends on a specific subject and time, but is easier than the traditional system. Students can choose specific learning topics and skip certain topics – which they do not want to know.
    Student Self-Assessment: Course takers must self-assess their course through e-learning.


  • Less time consuming: Saves time for e-learning course takers.


  • Home Based or Personalized Learning: In eLearning, a student does not have to travel to the training venue and can learn from his own home or from his own place.


  • Measurable: E-learning introduces courses in new ways – which are measurable in a modern way.


  • Teacher Assistant: E-learning plays a significant role for the teacher. A teacher can present his or her class to a specific audience and audience.


  • Cost reduction: E-learning can reduce the cost of learning. This reduces the cost of trainers. It helps increase a company’s profitability as it lowers training costs.


  • More effective: This is more effective for teachers or students. Improve its certification, test or evaluation method. Through this, students can achieve good levels. They can improve their knowledge and apply this knowledge in real life.


  • Eco-friendly: E-learning is a paperless learning method. Due to this arrangement, trees do not have to be cut to make paper for teaching. It not only protects the environment but also maintains environmental balance. It consumes 90% less energy and produces more environmentally friendly energy.

E-learning in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh Open University created classes for its distant students on television or radio in 1992 – an example of e-learning. At present, the government has created many web portals like free readings, teachers and teachers. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh announced that 9 lakh teachers will be connected in the field of teachers. Personally, several web portals have been created. On the other hand, Bangladeshi youtubers are in Bengali

Created a lot of content for Bangladeshi students. It is a good news that in Bangladesh we are able to use multimedia for classroom learning and we can use e-learning platform for a better future.



Due to many advantages, e-learning has become a popular method for teachers as well as students around the world.


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