Excess temperature is harmful to all electric devices. Like a computer, there is no cooling fan on the smartphone / mobile and there is no active way in which the mobile itself can cool down. So you have to take action when your mobile becomes hot otherwise the hobbyist’s smartphone can suffer a lot. Most smartphones have a safety feature built-in, so if the smartphone becomes hot, it automatically shuts off some features and then restarts when the temperature is normal. Even then, when the smartphone gets hot, you have a lot to do.



Things to do when a smartphone is hot:

A smartphone can be hot for a variety of reasons. So depending on the reason the phone is actually hot, you need to take action. So if your smartphone is heating up, try to find the cause of the heat.


When the battery is swelling:

This is not a good sign if your phone’s battery is swollen and the phone gets hot. This is usually a fault for the phone’s lithium-ion battery, which can end up being caught on fire. So what if the phone gets hot when the battery is swollen?

1. Turn off the phone.
2. Avoid using and charging the battery.
3. If the phone has a warranty, contact Customer Care and replace the battery.
4. If there is no warranty, carefully wipe the battery. Currently the battery on the smartphone has gone down drastically, but if your phone’s battery is swollen, please refrain from using it.


 Hot when charging:

Normally giving the phone a charge is a bit heated, it’s not a problem. This is just the internal chemical reaction of the battery. But if it is too hot than normal then there may be a charger problem. In this case you will be able to.


When the mobile is hot due to charger:

1. Unplug the phone from the charger and wait until it cools down.
2. Try charging the phone with an original charger, or charge with a good-quality charger, or see if the other one is hot.
3. If the charger is still hot after the change, contact customer care.

When hot in the sun:

There are times when you leave the phone talking but after a while the phone gets hot after sunlight or somehow the phone gets warmed up in the sun or anything else. What to do now

1. Keep the phone off and turn on after it cools down.
2. Keep away from heat.


Other tasks caused by heating:

When playing games on a smartphone, video editing, talking on the phone during long periods, and using the Internet or doing other heavy tasks, it is not necessary to take a step to normalize the phone’s heating, but as I mentioned at the beginning of writing, the extra temperature is not pleasant for a device so it gets too hot. Try to take a break.

And if there is too much heat which is absolutely uncommon then turn off the phone better if you can keep the battery open, but if there is a non-removable battery, just turn it off.



As the days go by, new smartphones are coming to the market, as well as new features and high-end hardware. The new games that are coming with it need more power than ever. Some games don’t work on previous smartphones, but they won’t allow them to download them from the Play Store because Google knows those games can be a threat to your phone even if they play on your phone. So if you are a gamer and want to play games without problems on the phone then maybe it’s time to upgrade your smartphone.


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